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Kader Sevinç

Senior Government Relations Strategist


EU Affairs Executive

Areas of Experience:


Artificial Intelligence, Digital Policy, Transatlantic Relations, Foreign Policy, European Union, International Negotiations, European Integration, International Communication and Advocacy

Kader Sevinc is a seasoned public affairs and international communication strategist with nearly two decades of extensive experience in global affairs and international strategic communication spanning from Europe to the US. She is the recipient of several prestigious awards, including recognition as a Young Leader by the European Parliament, the EU Research Award by the European Commission, and the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award from TUSIAD (a member of BusinessEurope), acknowledging her outstanding contributions to European project and global affairs. A dual citizen of the EU and Turkiye, she is not only an experienced public affairs and international communication strategist but also a published Brussels City Poet, showcasing her advanced creative skills and unique artistic perspective. Her unique background provides her with profound insights into European and global affairs, Transatlantic relations, and digital policy.



Kader Sevinc is a prominent figure in public affairs and international communication strategy, with a career that spans nearly two decades across Europe and the US. Recognized as one of the "Top 99 under 33" most influential international policy leaders by Diplomatic Courier in Washington DC, she has earned several prestigious awards and recognitions. These include being named a Young European Leader by the European Parliament, receiving the European Commission's EU Research Award, and winning the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award from TUSIAD, a key member of BusinessEurope. Her dual citizenship in the EU and Turkiye amplifies her depth in international relations, Transatlantic affairs, and digital policy.

A strategic expert, Kader excels in executive communication, global strategy development, and policy advocacy. Her career highlights include substantial contributions to the European Parliament's ITRE, AFET, and TRAN committees, leadership in the European Union Representation of the CHP, and active roles in the PES Presidency Board and various committees.

Kader's expertise extends to transatlantic relations, AI leadership in the public sector, strategic risk analysis, and EU research and policy innovation. Her fellowships at the SAIS/Johns Hopkins University Center for Transatlantic Relations and as a Visiting Scholar at NYU Tandon School of Engineering underscore her profound commitment to these fields.

Academically, Kader's credentials includes:

  • MA in International Relations (Magna Cum Laude) from the CERIS-ULB Diplomatic School of Brussels, focusing on international negotiation theories in the EU context.

  • European Integration Studies under the Jean Monnet Programme at Mediterranean University, deepening her understanding of the EU's history and integration process.

  • BA in Business Administration (with Honors) from Mediterranean University, covering a range of business disciplines.


Furthermore, Kader has completed intensive and extensive in-person training programs. She mastered strategic negotiation at ULB Diplomatic School of Brussels, change management at Vlerick Business School, business communication at Harvard University, and French studies at Institut Prevert, Antibes, France. Each program was marked by its depth and length, significantly contributing to her development as an effective leader and communicator.

As a renowned public speaker and lecturer, Kader has over 20 years of experience delivering speeches at prestigious institutions like the College of Europe, Marmara University, and universities in Maryland and Missouri. Additionally, her frequent appearances on platforms like BBC World, CNN, and Deutsche Welle have made her a respected voice in international media.

Kader's creative pursuits as a poet and essayist, showcased in leading art centers, blend innovative leadership with artistic expression. Her extensive experience, combined with her academic achievements and specialized training, position her as an influential leader and visionary in international policy and strategic communication.


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International Policy Influencer Award (Washington DC / Brussels)

International Policy Influencer Award (Washington DC / Brussels): Recognized as a leading foreign policy influencer by YPFP and Diplomatic Courier magazine, particularly noted for her impact in foreign policy and transatlantic relations.

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European Parliament Young European Leader
(Brussels / Strasbourg)

Recognized Young European Leader by the European Parliament (Brussels / Strasbourg): She was selected for this prestigious program under the auspices of the European Parliament President, showcasing her unwavering commitment to the European project and global affairs.


EU Research Award
(Ankara / Brussels)

European Commission Research Award (Brussels): Honored with an award from the European Commission in recognition of her outstanding research paper submitted to a prestigious EU competition.

Young Entrepreneur Award

Young Entrepreneur of the Year (İstanbul): Recognized by TUSIAD (member of BusinessEurope) for her exceptional entrepreneurship project in the field of management consultancy.

Fellowships & Scholarships


​Transatlantic Fellow at SAIS/Johns Hopkins University
(Washington DC / Brussels)

Served as a visiting fellow and later as a non-resident fellow at the Center for Transatlantic Relations in Washington DC for six years. Her research, focusing on transatlantic relations and the TTIP, included various policies within this framework. Throughout her fellowship, she authored several articles and engaged in high-level meetings with key representatives from U.S. institutions such as (US Congress, the White House, House of Representatives), contributing to the discourse on transatlantic partnerships.


NYU Tandon School of Engineering Visiting Scholar
(New York City)

Recognized for establishing a pioneering think-and-do tank in technology and democracy, Kader Sevinc served as a Visiting Scholar at NYU Tandon School of Engineering. Her fellowship tenure there focused on her expertise in artificial intelligence and its applications in the public sector, underscoring her commitment to utilizing advanced technology for public good.


Harvard University / Business Communication
Summer Semester Study: 

Harvard University / Business Communication: Summer semester student focusing on business communication skills. Completed an intensive summer semester course aimed at refining advanced business communication skills. Key learning areas encompassed composing impactful business communications, applying strategic communication methods, and mastering the art of persuasive public speaking.

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