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Poet: In the mirror of Chaussée d’Haecht

“In the mirror of Chaussée d’Haecht” Kader Sevinç at the international poetry event Passages

In the mirror of Chaussée d’HaechtKader Sevinç at the international poetry event Passages – Kader Sevinç Youtube Channel

Chaussée de Haecht’ın Aynasında (Turkish)

Dans le miroir de la Chaussée de Haecht (French)

“In the mirror of Chaussée d’Haecht” Kader Sevinç

behind the solitude of darkness

strolling through Schaerbeek at night

blind and unwritten

looking inside

men-only cafes

segregated between Turks from Emirdağ and the Balkans

we’re on the ship of an unknown nightmare

leaving from our ghettos by dark

my words can’t migrate to your heart

a distinct TV echoes

“the world’s biggest jailer of journalists”

this is my home

shouted at shadows

“stop this madness”

no one heard

but Brussels’ crows

tram 92 runs through stereotypes

nothing heals migrant wounds

scarred languages

here no stray dogs to walk along with

night is almost asleep

no open bakkals or pide restaurants

a friend from a distance

whispers sorrow

“Nuriye and Semih are in hunger-strike and

ask their jobs back,

nothing more”

silence is like a suicidal flame

fuelled by mistrust

the wind is sweeping the sidewalks

night is now ready to be torn apart

a bloody witch-hunt

the grass of persuasion is on the move

multiply our desolation

hayır! hayır! no more consolation!

Europe’s ballads

taste of regrets

mourning our old dream

as it is still glowing

your political hypocrisy pours down on my beautiful home

as blood and tears

words are now made of ash

Chaussée de Haecht swallows

time and deception


Kader Sevinç

#InthemirrorofChausséedHaecht #KaderSevinç #Poetry #YouTube


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